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Design driven and craft forward, Palladian is an architecture and interior design practice home to a team of RIBA chartered architects and professionally qualified interior designers.

About Us

We express our creative process through transparency and communication, allowing our clients to feel supported and in control at every step of the journey.

Palladian first opened its doors in 2006 when two brothers dreamed to life a new kind of architectural studio—one centered around clarity, communication and a deep reverence for the evolution of home. Founding Directors Beatle and Hugo Lindsay-Fynn have since remained united in their purpose to deliver unparalleled professionalism while balancing the delicate relationship between design and execution. The pair has clearly defined roles that allow them to complement one another’s strengths and highlight their individual expertise. Unlocking the perfect resolution for each client falls to Creative Director, Hugo, who often serves as the primary point of contact. Operations Director, Beatle ensures the seamless delivery of each project, holding to the belief that a focus on communication is fundamental, and unfailingly allows the team to surpass expectations. Now, over a decade later, Palladian has organically grown, flourishing to become a robust team of talented designers and skilled architects.

Our Team

A strong studio culture is paramount for creativity and collaboration to thrive—a positive environment that allows us to glide through this nuanced and multi-dimensional process together… in harmony.

Since the early days of Palladian, we have developed and invested in the people that comprise our team. We firmly believe that they are the greatest assets to our practice. Our internal team of architects, interior architects and interior designers are committed to the highest standards of design, process and communication—their dedication to their craft shines through every project they bring to fruition. In addition to the internal team, the studio has a robust roster of design professionals at their fingertips, having established long standing relationships with highly respected consultants and technical experts, ranging from quantity surveyors, planning advisors and landscape architects to furniture makers, home technology specialists and art consultants. Every team member is chosen not only for their skills and experience, but because they align with the studio’s ethos of integrity, transparency and the pursuit of professionalism.

Our Design Ethos

Our studio designs homes that are deeply intuitive to the lifestyles of our clients—spaces that capture the essence of who they are and how they want to live. “We listen to our clients,” says Hugo, “developing an understanding of the potential of their space.” From there, the team composes a design plan that reflects the lifestyle and aspirations for their home.

Our designs do not respond to a given style or aesthetic, but rather the principles of honouring natural light, clean lines, noble materials, layers of texture, and fine details. Properties and period buildings are often in need of a well-considered and thoughtful approach in order to weave modern comforts and technologies into the fabric of the existing building.

Our Client Experience

We invite our client’s to be as involved in their projects as they wish. Devising a strong creative brief at the start and managing expectations at every touchpoint allows for projects to become family homes with ease. “We handle the complexities of the design project for you,” explains Beatle. “As a studio we detail and monitor the process carefully so that our clients have the information or feedback they need at any stage so that they are supported and in control through transparency.” With many of our projects being returning clients, our communication and clarity proves to provide the necessary peace of mind a project requires alongside our design excellence and high level of personal service.

Our Wellbeing and the Planet

What good are beautiful designs if they don’t also do good for our planet? The most sustainably built designs use responsibly sourced, natural materials that are robust, durable and age beautifully. They require careful selections and thoughtful detailing to ensure that the designs are made to last. Beatle and Hugo’s passion lies in the belief that design has an impact on health and all senses of well-being. When designing, they consider all aspects of the home from the quality of the air and water and the importance of natural light to the reduction of chemicals and electromagnetic frequencies.

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